Johan Oscar Smith

Johan Oscar Smith (1871 - 1943) started the paper Hidden Treasures (Skjulte Skatter) together with his brother Aksel in 1912. By his preaching and writing he himself has been a great example and a guide to a deeper life with Christ. What was on Johan O. Smith’s heart was to lead the individual into connection with the head, Christ, so that the Master Himself could speak to them! That is probably the main reason why so many readers from so many countries and cultures have received spiritual power and inspiration through his writings. Therefor this book is still highly relevant, even in our time, for people who long for a personal life of victory over all conscious sin!

Aksel Smith

Aksel Smith was both a co-worker and an invaluable support for his brother, Johan O. Smith. In the first years he also gave financial backing to the paper Skjulte Skatter, which he started together with his brother in 1912. Since he practiced as a dentist, he was considerably better off than his brother. Aksel Smith went home to be with the Lord at the early age of 38, in 1919. Today we know something about the fruits of Aksel Smith's life, and we are witnessing a vibrant church which has spread to many countries on every continent, with young people receiving light for their personal Christian life by reading his books and articles in Hidden Treasures.

Aksel Johan Smith

This very devoted brother was outstanding as a shepherd and prophet. When it comes to church development, Aksel J. Smith has in many ways led the way here and had a divine vision. He grew up with his father and consequently had an intuitive compass for how the road should be laid for the church. Free from envy and by honouring those God had placed in the church, he understood the way that led to healthy pastures. "Why chase the sheep up through the rocks and boulders when there is a good pathway down in the valley," he once said. Down through the years, he wrote these articles, driven by a great love for Christ and for the church. They will undoubtedly be of great help and edification for those who want to be good shepherds in the home and church, and not least for all who hunger and thirst for a godly and righteous life.

Elias Aslaksen

Elias Aslaksen (1888-1976) was, like Paul, a teacher of the Gentiles in faith and truth. He spoke the word of truth with all the sharpness of God’s word, while at the same time almost being a "professor" in faith. His ability to plant the word of faith has made an indelible impression on my heart from my childhood. After all, he was an exceptionally powerful and a very well-equipped preacher of faith.

Sigurd Bratlie

Sigurd Bratlie (1905 - 1996) was one of the most important members of Brunstad Christian Church down through time. By his messages and literature, he himself has been a great example, and has been able to guide others to a deeper life with Christ. The author attaches great importance to guiding the individual into a personal relationship with the Head of the church, which is Christ, so that the Master Himself can speak to the individual. This is the main reason why readers in many countries and from different cultures have gained inspiration and spiritual strength through his literature. Therefore, his books are still very relevant, even in our time, to people who long for a personal life of victory over all conscious sin.

Kåre Johan Smith

Kåre J. Smith was born on November 14, 1944. When Sigurd Bratlie passed away in 1996, Kåre J. Smith was clearly the right person to follow him as leader of a church which is experiencing huge growth worldwide and which is now established in more than sixty countries in every corner of the world. In Kåre J. Smith we find a shepherd, steward, and leader, and not least a fellow human being. Through his openhearted book “Shepherd and Prophet” as well as his articles in the paper “Hidden Treasures” we get to know him as the extremely interesting and inspiring person. His life and experiences will motivate upright love and a deep, genuine desire to follow our Lord and Master!